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Money management is an important life skill as it could help you not only save money but also build up your discipline and confidence in yourself. Good financial habits are not something to take lightly and as such we have compiled five tips to help you build the best spending habits.


  1. Track your expenses

You need to identify where your money goes. Where do you spend the most money? Food? Transportation? You can identify these by going through your monthly bank statements and noting how much went out and why it went out. Also, take note of adjustments to be made. For instance, with Pickmeup, you can affordable rates for transportation which can help you save a lot as you move around.


  • 2.    Know your priorities

You need to identify your priorities when it comes to spending. What are the expenses that you cannot do without? Identifying these things is crucial in tracking and better managing where your money needs to go.


  • Create a budget

A budget is a projection of your expenses for a month and what each would cost. Creating a budget gives you an idea of what you will be spending your money on and gives you a plan to work with. Every good budget has to have an emergency slot in case other important expenses come up.


  • Stick to the budget

It’s not enough to create a budget, you need to stick to it. The budget will not work on its own and in this step, willpower and discipline come in to make sure it works.


  • Take advantage of free money

Sometimes, apart from your regular income, you might get extra money. You need to take advantage of that money, look at your expenses, and offset one of those or save some part of the money gotten. Even free money needs to be spent responsibly. Pickmeup offers attractive discounts, especially this December, which could pass off as “free money” as you get to spend way less for the same quality of service.