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The past few months has been one heck of a ride! It feels good to be back out to feel the wind and a breath of fresh air (Try to ignore the nose-masks on). 

Businesses bore the brunt of the pandemic, and measures are being put up just in case there’s going to be another wave.

Pickmeup ensured the safety of customers during the height of the pandemic, as moving was restricted, with the hope that customers would soon return in good health, and back in business.

Scientists all over the world stipulate that there would be another wave of the pandemic and businesses are already putting up preventive measures to avoid the calamity that befell them in the previous months in the heat of the pandemic. The World Health Organization (W.H.O) has advised government agencies to set up response teams to combat the spread of the novel Covid-19, ensuring the protection of lives as much as possible; as a vaccine hasn’t yet been perfected. 

The Joy of Riding… Safe and Smart

The company also isn’t at the backseat on this one; as measures has been put in place to ensure rides are smart, safe and satisfactory, of which includes:

  • A wiper (disinfectant) is attached to every vehicle, accessible both by drivers and passengers.
  • Hand sanitizers and facemasks are also provided for the customers to ascertain her safety and at the same time, following state guidelines
  • There is little or no contact between drivers and passengers; as drivers are well trained and oriented to handle cases in any given situation.

Necessary instructions are made available to customers via the app and website on the covid-19 protocols. Promoting the company’s value on humanity and its vision to make life easy through technological advancement in transportation. 

Remember with pickmeup up you can ride safe and smart!

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