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We are pleased to introduce you to Pickmeup. We are building a digital platform for Africa’s most essential services, we already have a ride-hailing platform that is operating in 7 cities in Nigeria.


We have seen tremendous progress over the last 12 months of operation, and we are confident we have an amazing product with huge potential for growth.


We are attracted by Kenya’s macro-economic potential and are considering a launch here. In this pre-launch phase, we are looking for drivers who are passionate about driving for a platform that puts drivers first.


How do I join?

  1. Download our Driver App on Google Playstore or Appstore and proceed to join.
  2. You can also go to our signup link and fill in the form.


What do I need to join?

We need to verify that you are licensed to drive, for overall safety of all our users. On signing up, we will collect the following details:

  1. Personal information
    1. Name, phone number, email, your photo
  2. Vehicle details
    1. Vehicle number plate, City (choose Nairobi), Vehicle type (choose Pickmeup), Services (choose ride), then fill in the rest of the details (vehicle make, model, year of manufacture and more) and vehicle image.
  3. Documents
    1. Upload your PSV driving licence, PSV insurance and Vehicle Logbook. Mandatory documents are marked with a *.
  4. Enter the code sent to your phone. And done!
  5. After your account is verified by our team, you can sign into the app


What sets us apart from other companies?

  1. We charge a 15% commission, and during our pre-launch phase, we will charge an effective commission of only 5%
  2. We have strong pricing that is focused on ensuring you have the strongest earnings, while we also build an affordable platform for our users. To maximize your earnings we encourage the use of fuel efficient vehicles on our platform
  3. We have a digital wallet that allows for real time settlement of any pending driver payments. This means that you get access to your money as and when you need it.
  4. We have strong customer support to ensure your issues are addressed as soon as you raise them.


How do I get help or further information?

  1. Feel free to go to our website for further information, you can also have a live chat with our support team.
  2. Or fill in this short form and we will be in touch with you:


Happy holidays!

~ Pickmeup Team