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There’s a lot of celebrations going on to mark this year’s yuletide. As we do this, in anticipation of the new 2021 year, it is vital to have at the back of our minds that the very reason for which this year will go down as one of the most historic on record – the coronavirus pandemic – is still very much out there. Hence, the importance of all of us to remain safety-conscious.

As advised by the health authorities, we highly recommend that everyone stay at home for the celebrations – limited movement and social distancing have been the most potent approaches to slowing down the spread of the virus.

But if it is essential that you go out, here is a much-needed reminder of safety tips that have been sung to our hearing all year, even as you stay safe moving around with Pickmeup:

  • Sanitise your hands before hopping on your ride
  • Wear a mask or face-covering
  • Always take the back seat to maintain a healthy distance from your driver
  • Avoid eating or drink during the ride
  • Avoid touching surfaces
  • Use in-app payments to limit your exposure to handling cash
  • Sanitise your hands after your ride